Boglarka Nagy: The one who brought Aviva to India

Coming from an environmentalist background, Boglarka Nagy arrived at Auroville, Pondicherry, in 2005, where she became a mother and explored womanhood in all its beauty. She also witnessed the various difficulties faced by local women, and wanted to offer support. Being of Hungarian origin, she was familiar with the Aviva method and began to share it within Auroville and in the neighbouring villages. As more and more women showed great interest in learning and practicing the method, Bogi asked for support and blessings from her teachers: Livia Toth from Hungary and Aviva Steiner from Israel. Based on their suggestions and guidance, a special instructor training module was developed for India. Since then, the method has spread beyond Auroville and Tamil Nadu. Currently, she is back in Hungary, working on her PhD as a landscape architect.

Email: bogi@auroville.org.in


Mumbai and Pune

Prachi Kamath

Mobile: +91 8879227225(Prefer SMS/WhatsApp to calling)Email: prachikamath@gmail.com
Teaching Area:Mumbai, Pune
Spoken Languages: English, Marathi, Hindi

Hyderabad and Kolkata

Triparna Banerjee

Mobile: +91 95508 85034
Email: avivaindia.triparna@gmail.com
Teaching Area: Hyderabad, Kolkata(on request can travel to other places)Spoken Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali

Shanthi Srinivas

Mobile: +91 92933 13577
Email: shanthi.srinivas1002@gmail.com
Teaching Area: Hyderabad
Spoken Languages: Tamil, Telegu, English, Hindi

Chennai and Trivandrum

Kavya Menon

Mobile: +91 90031 29271
Email: susmenstruationtn@gmail.com
Teaching Area: Chennai & Trivandrum(on request other parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerela)Spoken Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

Auroville and Pondicherry

H. Suriyagandhi

Mobile: +91 9489325775
Email: harisurya@auroville.org.in
Teaching Area: Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Spoken Languages: Tamil, English

Pavithra Harikrishnan

Mobile: +91 90472 45640
Email: pavi@auroville.org.in
Teaching Area: Pondicherry and around
Spoken Languages: English, Tamil

Nikethana Venkatesan

Mobile: +91 7094716136(Prefer SMS/WhatsApp to calling)Email: nikethana2001@gmail.com
Teaching Area: Auroville, Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Chennai and Bangalore
Spoken Languages: English, Tamil


Mobile: +91 9843382806
Email: tamiltanish@24gmail.com
Teaching Area: Auroville
Spoken Languages: Tamil


Mobile: +91 9487934227
Email: aurochitra@gmail.com
Teaching Area: Auroville
Spoken Languages: Tamil, English


Mobile: +91 8940438167
Email: immmuthup@gmail.com
Teaching Area: Auroville
Spoken Languages: Tamil, English


Mobile: +91 9159947544
Email: indirani@auroville.org.in
Teaching Area: Auroville
Spoken Languages: Tamil, English

Foreign teachers, available during certain periods; please check our website/Facebook page for their workshop schedule:

Angelique Denis

Mobile: +33630899811
Email: angelique.denis0409@gmail.com
Spoken Languages: French, English

Annette Schwan

Mobile: +491772447278
Website: www.annette-schwan.de
Spoken Languages: German, English