Menstruation & PMS

A healthy menstrual period should be 3 days long, painless, with moderate bleeding, and 100% regular.

Does this sound like a fantasy? Maybe your periods have always been painful, or too heavy, or lasting beyond 7 days, or very irregular. Maybe you have begun to consider this as normal, because so many women around you face the same problems. Maybe you have even resorted to painkillers or hormonal pills to balance your periods, because they never seemed to naturally regularise with time.

With regular practice of the Aviva Method, it is possible to decrease the duration of menstruation from 5-7 days to only 3-4 days, experience a 28-30 day cycle, reduce the quantity of bleeding, and even eliminate the clots that cause painful cramps.

In addition, following a lifestyle that complements the method (your instructor will guide you with this) can significantly reduce the discomfort associated with PMS, including bloating, mood swings, pelvic pain, headaches, back ache, digestive disorders, and so on.

If you have any serious medical condition; or are undergoing any form of hormonal treatment, including pills or injections to support or prevent conception; or have an IUD inserted; or think you may be pregnant, please inform your Aviva instructor for further guidance.