The Aviva method also benefits peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women.

When a woman enters the menopausal years, the secretion of female hormones starts depleting, leading to the following symptoms:

Irregular and very heavy cycles, hot flushes, moodiness and depression, compulsive eating, weight gain and bloating due to hormonal imbalances, loss of libido, and chronic fatigue

In the post-menopausal decades, women face further challenges such as fragile bones due to calcium depletion (osteoporosis); loss of muscle and skin tone, leading to sagging all over the body and face; vaginal dryness, which can further reduce libido; increased risk of urinary infections and incontinence; and even uterus prolapse.

Regular practice of the Aviva Method throughout a woman’s life has been found to have profound positive effects on many of the above symptoms. The exercises can be done more gently as one ages. Aviva helps a woman age gracefully, retaining the glow in her skin and strength in her joints, while also taking care of her emotional well-being.

If you have any serious medical condition; or are undergoing any form of hormonal treatment, including pills or injections to support or prevent conception; or have an IUD inserted; or think you may be pregnant, please inform your Aviva instructor for further guidance.